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Polar night in Holmenkollen

"March 11th, 1894: There's a fresh northerly breeze, 3.5 meters per second, the air is clear and the temperature is minus 50.4 degrees Celsius. Was on a ski trip today, but walking towards the wind was unpleasant, it was particularly cold above the knees." From Otto Sverdrup's diary.
Enjoy an aesthetic experience with choir songs and Northern Lights, or perhaps a lecture about / with one of our famous Norwegian polar explorers? Our proud country has produced many of such during the years.
We make ice sculptures, taste real polar explorer food or take on more physical activities at Holmenkollen ski stadium. We make preparations for mushing, building a snow tower, snowball throwing, pulling of polar sleds, snow shoe relays and ski relays ...
After the activities we change into more comfortable clothes and gather for a polar aperitif served in a glass made of ice. Although the environment looks cold and frosty, we promise a warm and beautiful evening in the sign of the polar night. Enjoy exquisite food and drinks and cultural refill about our polar heroes from past and present times!