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Rooms & Suites in Oslo

Hotel rooms with a great night's sleep - guaranteed!

If you are looking for one great night's sleep, or five, Scandic Holmenkollen Park can offer some of the most 'soporific' surroundings available.

What do you need to fall asleep? We know: peace and quite, fresh air, service-minded staff, an attractive room and extremley comfortable bed. We have a room for everyone, no matter what your good-night routine may be. You can see that from our room list, which also explains what each one has to offer and how they are equipped to increase your comfort and make your stay as easy as possible.

Our 336 hotel rooms and suites, many named after famous Norwegian sporting legends, are divided into the following categories: Standard, Superior, Deluxe, Junior Suites and Suites. But as inviting as our rooms are, don't forget to take a look out of the window - the lights and the views are amazing! Overwhelmed by the multitude of lights from Oslo. Nesodden and Bærum, one of our youngest guests exclaimed: "Mummy, how many countries can we see from here?"

Here is one last piece of advice about getting to sleep. Note how incredible quiet it is when you go to bed, It is so quiet that you can hear the city's other hotel guests counting sheep...

All rooms come with clean fresh air, comfy beds and crisp linen.